RomanceTale Place to Find Confident Humility in 2018!

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I’m one of the many Western men who have a particular fondness for Asian women, directly from the source. They offer an unparalleled balance between antiquity and modernity, humility and sexiness, deference and confidence. Which is why I began to pursue my hopes for love on the Internet.

It was only a week of surfing until I began to realize that among the top destinations for the hottest women the Asian world has to offer is Not only do they impress with their sleek dress and impeccable manicures, but they are cosmopolitan, educated women who are looking to explore the advantages of Western men and the lifestyles they offer.

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Getting Stated is Easy

This Romance Tale review will tell you what you need to know to make the most of your experience in the burgeoning world of premium online dating. Romance Tale belongs to a league of websites that offer a way for classy serious women to get to know men who are serious enough about relationships that they’re willing to invest, both with their time and their finances.

The women get their profiles onto RomanceTale through a local agency, or posting a profile themselves. Setting up a free profile is a matter of five minutes (name, birthday, e-mail), followed by questions about what you’re seeking in your future mate.

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These include the preferred age, weight, height, whether she has or wants kids, smokes or drinks. It also asks for desired body type: average, slim, athletic, muscular, a few extra pounds or big & beautiful. Later on, an extended search allows you to further filter by country and city of residence, religion and education level.

Then you are asked the same questions about yourself, as well as your religion, education level and occupation. Any questions can be skipped, but photos are absolutely necessary.

I noticed that I got far more messages, mail and profile visitors once I got a few photos online. After two weeks, I have close to a hundred contacts. Mind you, these women contacted me, and here’s where things get interesting.

RomanceTale takes the initiative

On the other online dating sites I explored, I had to take all the initiative with pursuing women. While this is the natural order of the animal kingdom, Romance Tale takes a slightly different approach while still adhering to the laws of nature.

Immediately upon completing your profile (with photos), the messages and notifications start rolling in along the lines of, “Suzie wants to chat,” “Ning is now online. Say hi to her!” or “Lilly liked you, sent a message.” All these notifications are clearly prewritten, usually in limited English. RomanceTale main screen


Pop ups informing me of new visitors to my profile even appeared on my laptop when I was logged off RomanceTale.

While this might be a turn off to some, I found it refreshing. The website’s algorithms identify the women who meet your preferences and deliver responses from them. This prevents you from wasting time (and money) on endless searches and enables you to begin your pursuit in a focused manner.

Getting your money’s worth

In this sense, the return on investment in Romance Tale is impressive. The initial payment of $9.99 can cover a single letter (worth ten credits) and five minutes of chatting (two credits per minute). Each subsequent letter costs 30 credits and you can upgrade with any amount you’d like with the simple press of an orange button on the top righthand corner.

It’s an easy-to-use site overall. I experienced few glitches, the only one coming to mind is when I tried an advanced search based on country of residence and could not select any. With any such quirks or problems, there’s a 24-hour support number with a quick response. I never waited longer than seven minutes.

For those of you in your 40s, recovering from a divorce or breakup, Romance Tale has a treasure trove of beautiful women between 30 and 40. As someone with children, I also have found women – typically with one child in Asia – who are interested in a combined family. There’s also no shortage of women for those of you who are in your 20s and looking for a partner in your travels and adventures.

I have formed a unique bond with one of these sexy ladies. How do you know if she’s for real? After about 10 days to two weeks, we are approaching the stage of doing mutual identification verifications. As a U.K. citizen, all that requires from me is filling out a simple form and providing a photo ID.

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Preparing for China

Once Romance Tale verifies that we are truly who we claim to be, then we can exchange our contact information and chat on Skype. Should things progress, Romance Tale tells me it can help to arrange our first meeting in China, a service that will be very helpful considering I’ve never been and don’t know much about the place.

I’ve already been warned about cultural nuances. Modern Chinese women are financially astute and active in pursuing their goals, whether career, passions or love. Western men should be under no illusion that they’ll be landing themselves a subservient

If anything, this RomanceTale review should give you an idea of what to expect when you start pursuing love in the Orient on the web. And you’ll have no regrets doing that on

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    (February 1, 2018 - 6:50 am)

    How to search someone when you remember only his /her ID number?


    (February 15, 2018 - 8:43 pm)

    Actively I communicate with young people on the site and found myself a few favorites.

    Danny Kissick

    (February 18, 2018 - 7:36 am)

    Quite quickly found girls with whom you can chat, close in nature and hobbies.


    (February 28, 2018 - 11:11 pm)

    RomanceTale is one of the best dating sites that I’ve used. I like it more than OkCupid and POF!

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