9 Tips on How to Find a Good Woman in 2018

Finding a good woman can indeed be challenging. After a series of failed relationships and broken hearts, it is easy to give up. However, good women do exist and there are a lot of single nice women who are looking for a long-term partner. All you need is the right attitude and the knowledge of the appropriate places where to meet women. An online dating expert has shared his tips on how to find a good woman.

“I used to believe that I was just very unlucky. I would meet tons of women due to my great social life but none of them were looking for anything serious. At first, I thought that something was wrong with me and the women were just not interested enough. I would go out at least twice a week to a club or a local bar where I met a lot of women.  Unfortunately, all they wanted was a casual relationship or sex with no strings attached. Then I decided to take a different approach. I stopped partying for a while and changed my routine completely. Instead of going out on a Friday night, I took a cooking class. I also started visiting the local library a few times a week. Now, guess what? I’ve met my soulmate on the first day of our cooking class and we have been inseparable since. Good women definitely do exist. Here is my advice on where you have a good chance of meeting a nice woman:”

How to find a good woman to marry

Finding a wife is hard, but it is possible. I will teach you how to find a good woman and keep her.You will increase your chances of finding The One by following these simple tips”:

Visit the places where good women spend their time Visit the places where good women spend their time

A good wife is hard to find and visit the wrong places makes it even more complicated. It is important you know the right places. Note this, good women will most likely not hang out in clubs or bars. Some of the places where you can meet a good woman are classes, bookstores, supermarkets, etc. But nowadays more and more women look their partners online. You can to consider what is better for you online dating or traditional dating”

Be a gentleman Be a gentleman

Good women like gentlemen. After you’ve spotted the woman you like, approach her in a respectful manner. Don’t invade her personal space. Simply start a conversation about something you have in common, depending on the location of your meeting.”

Ask her out

“I used to always ask myself, why is it so hard to find a woman these days? Then, I realized that you should always make an effort and ask her out. Don’t wait around thinking that the woman will make a move, most likely she won’t, especially when it comes to good women. They are more reserved. If you like the woman, then go for it. Ask her to go for a coffee with you or have a lunch. Worst case scenario, she rejects your invitation.”

Where to find a good woman

“It is hard to find a good woman. However, in some places, you have better luck in meeting one than in other. Here are my tips on places where to meet beautiful mature women:”

Classes Classes

“From personal experience, taking a class about a topic you are genuinely interested in is a great opportunity to meet a good woman. It can be anything from photography to horse riding. In my case, it is cooking. I love to cook and wanted to become even better at it. I’m now dating a woman who is as passionate about cooking as me and it’s amazing.”

Libraries and bookstores Libraries and bookstores

What can be more attractive than a smart open-minded woman that enjoys a good book! Visit your local bookstore and enjoy your day reading a book. Perhaps, you will spot a nice lady who is also enjoying her time reading. Them, you could start a conversation about your book choice and see where it leads.”

Volunteering Volunteering

“Volunteering is also a good way to meet nice women. A good woman likes to give back to the society and do something great for the world. Pick a volunteering opportunity that you would enjoy doing and maybe you will meet a woman whom you have a lot in common with.”


“This place, to my mind, is one of the easiest ways to meet a good lady. There are so many different ways to start a conversation with a woman you met at a grocery store. The supermarkets are always full of women wandering around buying groceries. If you see a woman that has caught your attention, ask for her opinion on a certain product. If you can’t find what you are looking for, perhaps the lady next to you could show you where the product is located. Both of you might end up getting along and continuing your chat over a cup of coffee or maybe even a dinner.”  

Online dating Online dating

“Another way to meet a good woman is online dating. There are millions of single good women registered on dating sites and want to pursue a serious relationship. Online dating gives you an opportunity to share your goals, beliefs, dreams, hobbies, and matches you up with people that are similar to you. If you are an introvert person you can find the best site for you here.”

Parties and gatherings Parties and gatherings

“A lot of couples meet through friends or acquaintances. Don’t miss out on your friends’ barbeque party or your neighbor’s housewarming gathering. You never know who you will meet there. Friends can be great matchmakers.”

“I hope you enjoyed my advice on how to find a good woman. Don’t give up, gentlemen, good ladies are out there waiting for you to approach them. I would be happy to answer any additional questions or inquiries you might have. Good luck on your dating journey!”  

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