8 Most Important Tips On Dating A Black Man in 2018

If you are thinking of dating an African American man or are currently pursuing a relationship with one, then read on. Black men can make awesome boyfriends, a lot of them are outgoing, funny, ambitious and can be the life of the party. They can certainly be intimidating as well, especially if you don’t have a lot of previous experience in meeting black men. Luckily, this is what online dating is for. There are a lot of white females seeking black males and visa versa. All you have to do is create a dating profile and start swiping. An online dating user has shared his opinion on how to win a heart of a black male and as a white female and why do white women like black men:

“As a black man who has dated plenty of white women, I believe I have enough experience to share with the rest of you. Before I joined online dating, I tried meeting women if various places: nightclubs, parks, shops, work, bars…you name it. I must admit, I wasn’t very lucky. Women either thought that I was a creep or just wanted a meaningless hook up. I was looking for a serious relationship or at least to date someone exclusively. I have had my fun in college and enough is enough. I used to think I was too cool for online dating and that it was only for older people and refused to give it a try. Eventually, a good buddy of mine convinced me otherwise and I never looked back since. I’ve met and dated several women from online dating and am currently in a serious relationship with a woman I met on a dating site. I will explain the benefits of online dating and how you can achieve black and white relationships goals in a few simple steps.

Why do white girls like black men

1. We are attractive We are attractive

“Well, this one is pretty obvious. Some of the most attractive celebrities are of the black race. We are good-looking and stand out from the crowd. I mean, who can resist our big muscles and a white smile?

2. They are tired of white men

Here is one of the possible reasons to why do white girls black men. White men can be very picky when it comes to choosing their partner. They tend to have a specific type of woman they go for and if you don’t match the criteria, then goodbye. We, black men, like them skinny, curvy, blonde, brunette. We ain’t got a type. Find us here)”

3. We are their type We are their type

“Sometimes there’s no reason to why some white women go for black men. They just prefer us over other races. Some of my female friends say that black men are their type and that’s about it. Black men and white women do look good together, can’t argue that:)”

My tips on dating a black man

“I’ve heard of a lot of white females seeking black males and having interracial relationship problems. Here are some facts about dating a black man that your boyfriend or a potential partner will probably not tell you:”

4. Be prepared to pay on the first date Be prepared to pay on the first date

“Your white boyfriend might have paid the bill each time, however, it might not be the case with your black man you met on a dating site. He may or may not offer to pay, so be prepared to split the bill. You have to show him that you are financially stable and are not going out with him just for that free dinner. In general, during the early stages of dating, avoid talking about material things, it might scare him away thinking that this is all you are after for. A lot of black men are very career-oriented and want someone who is not with them just for their income.”

5. Get to know his family and be on good terms with them

“Family is very important for black men. If you have met his parents, siblings, relatives, etc. Try your best to stay on good terms with them, get to know his culture, ask questions and be enthusiastic overall. He will appreciate it very much. Family, especially mothers, can be quite influencing, so it is important that they like you.”

6. Learn to get along with his child’s mother Learn to get along with his child’s mother

“If your boyfriend has a child from a previous relationship or marriage, you have to understand that she will never be out of the picture completely and you WILL meet her sooner or later. Be nice and polite to her and the child at all times, it shows that you are a good woman and worth-keeping. If the mother of his child is rude or disrespectful to you, the best you can do is ignore. Don’t pick a fight, but stay neutral. That is all you can do.”

7. Be yourself

“Whether you are dating an African American man or a man of any other race, never change yourself. You don’t have to change your style, hair, personality because of the man you are dating. Dress and express yourself the way you want and if he doesn’t like something about you, then he is not worth it. You will find yourself a man who will like you for who you are. This also applies to your personality. You don’t have to force yourself and become super outgoing or loud because of your man. Of course, it is always great to improve yourself and learn from your partner, but never feel pressured about changing something you are not comfortable with.”

8. Accept him for who he is

“It’s possible that you and your man have different music preferences, interests, and personalities. You have to accept him the way he is and never try to change him. If you absolutely can’t overcome that fact and don’t have much in common in general or he is using dating site while dating with you, it’s better to end the relationship and give the possibility for yourself and him to find someone who suits better”.

“This is advice on black and white relationships and benefits of online dating. I hope my tips come in handy and improve your relationship. Good luck on your online dating journey!”  

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