10 Best Tips on How to Fix a Broken Relationship

As much as we wish our relationship would last forever and eventually lead to a happy marriage, unfortunately, it is not always the case. Different problems and obstacles may arise between the two people resulting in endless arguments, fights and breakups. Nevertheless, as long as both of the parties are willing to work things out in the relationship, it is possible to fix it and even make it stronger. To help guiding you through the relationship rules, one of our experienced online dating users agreed to share his best tips on how to fix a broken relationship.

“After being in 6 long-term relationships with the women I met on online dating sites, I have learned and experienced a lot. Some of the relationships I have been in were great for the most part. We had fun together and also learned quite a bit from each other. However, my other relationships were complicated and heartbreaking. For example, I spent a lot of time trying to fix things with a partner who wanted to do nothing with me anymore, resulting in a massive heartbreak and wasted time. Consequently, I decided to share my best tips from my own experience on how to save a relationship and even become a  relationship goals couple!”

Relationship rules in online dating

  1. Make sure your partner also wants to fix the relationshipMake sure your partner also wants to fix the relationship

This is the most important rule of online dating and dating in general. Please, before proceeding onto the next steps, have a chat with your partner. Make sure he or she is willing to work things out in the relationship as well. Only then the outcome can be successful. Do not repeat my mistake of trying to make something work when the other party is no longer interested. You will waste a lot of time hurting yourself and will live in misery. If your partner does not want to fix the relationship, move on.  You will eventually meet someone great who will appreciate you and want to be with you.


  1. Talk about your relationshipTalk about your relationship

“If you want to know how to rebuild trust in a relationship, read on. Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Try to express yourself as accurate as possible for your partner to understand your concerns. Speak calmly and slowly for better information processing. Avoid raising your tone or blaming your partner in any of the issues.”


  1. Listen to your partnerListen to your partner

“Your partner’s opinion and feelings are as equally as important as yours. Listen carefully to what he or she has to say and try to understand them. Do not interrupt or pick an argument, the point of this step is to figure out what is bothering your loved one and what can be done to fix it.”

  1. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes

    Put yourself in your partner’s shoes

“Now you know what the issue is, try putting yourself in their shoes. Maybe there is something you do that really disturbs your partner but you have never given thought to it before. It can be anything: from constantly eating with your mouth open while uncontrollably laughing during watching yet another episode of “Friends” to lack of emotional support. Attempt to see yourself from your partner’s point of view.”

  1. Forgive each otherForgive each other

“ Everybody makes mistakes. We are all human. Learn how to forgive your partner and do so. Without forgiveness, you will not be able to move on and will continue to keep a grudge on your partner, resulting in passive-aggressive behavior and ongoing fights.Your loved one should do the same in order to start over on a positive note.”

  1. CompromiseCompromise

After both of you have addressed the issues in your relationship, it is mandatory to come to an agreement that works for both of the parties. You can not have it your way all of the time and neither can your partner. It is only fair to come to a common ground and work from there”.


  1. Make a planMake a plan

“Following to your compromise, you and your partner should work out a plan on how to save a relationship.This way, both of you will avoid having the same issues that have damaged the relationship in the first place. Write your plan on a piece of paper or simply talk about it, whatever you think is better in your situation.


  1. Stick to the planStick to the plan

Make sure both of you stick to the compromise and the plan you have made. Without an action, your plan is next to nothing. The relationship can only be fixed if both of the parties are equally putting in the effort. If the plan does not seem to be working, come up with a new one, keep trying. Do not give up or think it will resolve on its own because it certainly will not”.

Outside of online dating

  1. Spend more time togetherSpend more time together

Often relationships fail due to the lack of time a couple spends together. Work and other activities can prevent you from spending some quality time with your partner. In order to not grow apart from your loved one or the other way around, you have to learn to balance your time out between your relationship and other aspects of your life.”


  1. Spice it upSpice it up

Finally, let’s not forget about the fun stuff. Find something you and your partner both enjoy doing. Take up a new hobby. It can be anything, from painting to horse riding! Or maybe you would like to go somewhere on a vacation instead? Changes are always interesting and exciting, I promise, this will make your relationship stronger.”


“I hope my personal tips on how to fix a broken relationship will be useful for you and your partner. I wish you all the best.”   

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